Tips For Moving With Pets

JeanetteGreene 23 February, 2017 0

People get easily stressed when moving is involved and pets are more likely to feel stressed about the whole thing as well. We cringe at the thought of adjusting to a new place. How much more for your pets? Your furry friend might feel a bit more overwhelmed especially if they grown attached to their oldĀ home. Here are some great ways that could keep both you and your pet’s sanity throughout the whole ordeal:

Prepare an overnight kit.

You can have bag or plastic box which contains all the necessities that your pet may need during the first days of settling in your new home. This kit may contain sufficient amount of pet food ( a week supply if possible), toys and other familiar things that your pet is accustomed with in your old house. Those familiar items would make it easier for your pets to adjust and adapt to the new environment.

Get vet recommendations.

If you’re moving to another area, you can ask your vet for any recommendations in the new neighborhood. Your new neighbors could also help you if they know any good vets in the area. Ask your vet for your pet’s records and any medications that you should bring.

Place in a quiet area, away from the racket.

During the move, keep your pets in a quiet area to reduce their stress. While your hired moving services are doing their thing, you might want to keep your pets away as possible. Place them in an empty room (a bedroom maybe) and close the door. Check on them regularly and feed them on time. You can even ask a friend to take care of the pet to make sure it doesn’t get involved during the stressful move.

Move with your pet in your own car.

You can place a carrier or kennel in your car to secure your pet during the ride. You can even place a blanket over their carrier to keep them calm along the road. Never let your pets run free in your car. It’s important to keep your pets within the kennel or carrier until your arrived at your new home. They might get lost in the new neighborhood if you let them loose too soon.

Avoid motion sickness.

Pets can also get motion sickness and even become dehydrated during the car ride. It’s not really important to give food and water to your cat if you travel under 8 hours. Cats tend to have a more sensitive stomach so, you might not need to feed them within 4 hours of the journey.

Dogs can be offered water and light feedings at regular times.

Stay indoors for a few days.

Once you have arrived at the new home, keep them indoors to gradually adjust to the new surroundings. Try to spend the first few days with them to make them feel at home. Once your pet has fully adjusted to the new place, you can try to introduce them outside and even take a walk around the neighborhood. For cats, it’s advisable to keep them indoors for safety reasons.

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