Equipment Used By Professional Movers

JeanetteGreene 5 October, 2016 0

Before hiring professional movers, it’s important that you become familiar with the tools and equipment that they’ll be using. Knowing the purpose of each one will help you understand their strategies in moving your items plus, you can gauge if they can securely transfer all of your stuff to the new location.


Here’s a list of moving equipment used by the pros:

  1. Hoisting straps – right at the top of the list are hoisting straps that are wrapped around furniture that can’t fit through the front door. These furniture are transferred through the window with the help of the hoisting strap.
  2. Two-wheel dolly – this equipment makes loading and unloading boxes a piece of cake.
  3. Bins, crates, and four-wheel dollies – these can be filled with small items and boxes. These help lessen the number of trips needed to move the items.
  4. Appliance dolly – as mentioned in the name, this equipment is used to move heavy appliances.
  5. Ramps – professional movers can movers can easily transport heavy items using this equipment. Best part is they don’t have to use the stairs!
  6. Pallet jack – this equipment is used to load machines, furniture, and other heavy items on the truck.
  7. Piano board – if you have a piano that needs to be moved to the new location, you’ll definitely need this equipment. It has a lot of handles and straps to secure the piano while moving.
  8. Tool kit – this is important if there are furniture that need to be taken apart for easy transport.
  9. Trucks – of course, moving won’t ever be possible without the trusty truck!



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